Thursday, October 19, 2017

World Cup 2018 Adidas Font

The download was removed from this site due to a DMCA complaint. I do not know why Adidas complained as the font is not exactly the same as the real font. The font was based on the alphabet posted at Footy Headlines that was attributed to Samarony Lima. I thought it was the real font but it turned out to be a fan's visualization of what the Adidas font might look like. The font has major differences from the real font. Although the numbers are fine, the letters D, G, I, J, K, Q, V, X and Z are very different from those in the real font. I was planning to correct the font but I dropped the idea after I received the DMCA take down notice.

Although I removed the font from this site, someone made that same font available on another site. If you still want that font despite its defects, you can download it at World Cup 2018 Fonts

However, if you need the correct Adidas font for the 2018 World Cup, you should consider the font available at  Football Fonts

All fonts on this site are free but a donation is always welcome and much appreciated.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Dusha
Adidas Brazil England France Portugal


  1. Replies
    1. I removed the download link because Adidas filed a DMCA complaint to Blogger/Google. That World Cup 2018 Adidas font will no longer be available from this page. However, if you still want it despite it's defects, send a request to the email address posted above in the blah-blah.

      Do not post your email address here in the comments as I will not honor that request. Send me an email request and you might just get your wish.

    2. BTW also visit the page I linked to because it has a better digitization of the Adidas font. It's not free, though.

    3. I've got that font, I can send this for your e-mail account if you want